Jenny Perkins from Cirrus on how Anna Pavlova inspired her

The power of a great story

Jenny Perkins from Cirrus on what inspired her…

I’ve written a few posts recently on the power of storytelling. One particular story has inspired my own career choices and had a great impact on my life.

As a young girl, I read a book about the life of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

Inspired by the incredible story of a woman travelling to remote places round the world to share the joy of dance with people who don’t usually get to see it, I pursued an ambition to become a dancer myself.

For many years I got up early to practise for two hours before school. I spent most evenings and weekends going to classes, rehearsing, and appearing in shows

This was rewarded at the age of 16 when I won a place with the prestigious Ballet Rambert as a trainee.

Sadly, I had the application and motivation but never the talent of Anna Pavlova so after two years I changed course again to do a degree in English and Drama. A lifetime in communications and engagement followed, supporting leaders and managers to create and tell their own stories.

For me, this is proof of the power compelling stories have to inspire a change in direction, alter lives, and continue to motivate for many years.

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