Leadership Connections and Transformation

Why is every business transforming?

As Ipsos LEAD and Cirrus prepare to launch our 2017 Leadership Connections research, we look at why transformation is such a huge challenge for so many companies today.

Most modern organisations are in a continual state of change. We all know why: political upheaval, economic uncertainty, globalisation, the digital explosion…all of these factors have led to changing marketplaces and customer demands, a desire for greater efficiency, and the need to cut through complexity to become more agile.

We’ve been talking about ‘constant change’ for many years now. Genuine transformation goes beyond this.  Gartner’s latest CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey found that half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognisably transformed by digital. Dell’s latest Digital Transformation Index found that half of all business leaders simply don’t know what their industry will look like in three years’ time. Knowing that we need to reinvent ourselves is not enough.  Actually doing it can be quite daunting.  Deloitte’s latest Business Confidence Report found that many leaders are struggling to transform their businesses and disrupt their industries in an unstable and increasingly competitive marketplace.  According to KPMG’s Succeeding in disruptive times: critical factors for business transformation success, one in three CEOs say their organisations have failed to achieve the value they anticipated from previous transformation initiatives.

The CIPD’s latest research into the trends and challenges facing HR shows that globalisation and Brexit are currently driving a lot of change in UK organisations. The report also found that over a fifth of senior HR leaders feel unable to influence transformation.

For the past two years, Cirrus and Ipsos LEAD’s Leadership Connections research has explored how HR leaders connect with the C-suite, contribute to strategy, and develop agility and innovation. The results sparked much debate amongst the HR community and gained widespread media coverage.

Our 2016 report, Leadership Connections: HR and the C-suite driving innovation, found that whilst C-suite leaders have high expectations of HR, HR professionals are yet to be recognised as transformation agents.

This year, we have focused on ‘how’. We’ve looked at the role of HR in transforming organisations and identified where effort can be focused most effectively.

The research will be launched on Wednesday 15 March. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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