Our People

From our offices in the UK and Australia, we lead an international team of consultants, business psychologists, digital and creative specialists, and project managers

Strategy Team

  • Pointer - Alison Tickner AlisonTickner Alison Tickner Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Meet Alison
  • Pointer - Clare Hayward Clare for website 3 Clare Hayward Director Meet Clare
  • Pointer - Doug Quinn Quin Doug Quinn Chief Finance Officer Meet Doug
  • Pointer - Jane O’Hara O'Hara Jane O’Hara Head of Marketing Meet Jane
  • Pointer - Nadine Smart Nadine 2 Nadine Smart Head of Talent Meet Nadine
  • Pointer - Nicky Little Liitle Nicky Little Director and Head of Consulting Meet Nicky
  • Pointer - Dr Simon Hayward Hayward Dr Simon Hayward CEO Meet Simon

Growth Team

  • Pointer - Clare Hayward Clare for website 3 Clare Hayward Director Meet Clare
  • Pointer - Emma Meekison Meekison Emma Meekison Senior Project Manager Meet Emma
  • Pointer - Hannah Mannion Hannah Hannah Mannion Executive Assistant Meet Hannah
  • Pointer - Sacha Joyce Sacha Joyce at Cirrus Sacha Joyce Account Manager Meet Sacha

Consulting Team

  • Pointer - Abigail Winter Jones Abigail WJ 2 web Abigail Winter Jones Consultant Meet Abigail
  • Pointer - Alison Baker P1020362-web Alison Baker Consultant Meet Alison
  • Pointer - Angela Wren Wren Angela Wren Lead Consultant Meet Angela
  • Pointer - Bob Gower Gower Bob Gower Consultant Meet Bob
  • Pointer - Cathryn Priestley Cathryn Priestley_2013 Cathryn Priestley Consultant Meet Cathryn
  • Pointer - Claire Boyce Claire Boyce Claire Boyce Consultant Meet Claire
  • Pointer - Gill Parkin Gill Parkin 03.02.15 Gill Parkin Consultant Meet Gill
  • Pointer - Graham Smith gs heasdshot Graham Smith Consultant Meet Graham
  • Pointer - Helen Clough Clough Helen Clough Consultant Meet Helen
  • Pointer - Ian Patterson Ian Patterson_14 Ian Patterson Consultant Meet Ian
  • Pointer - Jane Garvey garvey Jane Garvey Lead Consultant Meet Jane
  • Pointer - Janet Ashford Janet Ashford V2 Janet Ashford Consultant Meet Janet
  • Pointer - Jo Cheesman Jo Cheesman Jo Cheesman Senior Design Consultant Meet Jo
  • Pointer - Jo Davis Jo Davis Jo Davis Consultant Meet Jo
  • Pointer - Jonathan Hill Jonathan Hill Jonathan Hill Consultant Meet Jonathan
  • Pointer - Julie Gittins Julie Gittins Julie Gittins Consultant Meet Julie
  • Pointer - Karen Sadler Karen Sadler 3 web Karen Sadler Lead Consultant Meet Karen
  • Pointer - Phil Whitehurst Phil Whitehurst3_FINAL Phil Whitehurst Consultant Meet Phil
  • Pointer - Rob Davies Davies Rob Davies Consultant Meet Rob
  • Pointer - Sam Monteath Monteath Sam Monteath Associate Consultant Meet Sam
  • Pointer - Vanessa Williams vanessa_Crop Vanessa Williams Consultant Meet Vanessa

Talent Team

  • Pointer - Alicia Leon leon Alicia Leon Consultant Meet Alicia
  • Pointer - Dr Chris Smewing Chris Smewing Dr Chris Smewing Consultant Meet Chris
  • Pointer - Eva Howe Picture5 Eva Howe Associate Consultant Meet Eva
  • Pointer - Joy Palfery Joy Palfery new images! Joy Palfery Consultant Meet Joy
  • Pointer - Nadine Smart Nadine 2 Nadine Smart Head of Talent Meet Nadine
  • Pointer - Paul Wesley Paul Wesley at Cirrus Paul Wesley Lead Consultant Meet Paul
  • Pointer - Pauline Grant pauline new image Pauline Grant Consultant Meet Pauline
  • Pointer - Rob McPherson Picture6 Rob McPherson Consultant Meet Rob
  • Pointer - Sue Green sue new image Sue Green Consultant Meet Sue

Asia-Pacific Team

  • Pointer - Alison Tickner AlisonTickner Alison Tickner Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Meet Alison
  • Pointer - Andrea Westwood Andrea Westwood 2 Andrea Westwood Consultant Meet Andrea
  • Pointer - Barry Freeman BRFSingapore Studio 012 Barry Freeman Global Head of Coaching Meet Barry
  • Pointer - Danny Ryan Danny Danny Ryan Senior Designer, Asia-Pacific Meet Danny
  • Pointer - Eliza Quek eliza quek Eliza Quek Consultant Meet Eliza
  • Pointer - Glen Wilkinson Glen Wilkinson 2 Glen Wilkinson Consultant Meet Glen
  • Pointer - Heiner Karst Heiner Karst 2 Heiner Karst Consultant Meet Heiner
  • Pointer - Jane Hayman Jane Hayman Jane Hayman Consultant Meet Jane
  • Pointer - Jesse Hsu Jesse Hsu 2 Jesse Hsu Consultant Meet Jesse
  • Pointer - Jim Fizdale Jim Fizdale (3) Jim Fizdale Consultant Meet Jim
  • Pointer - Madeleine Walsh Madeleine Walsh Madeleine Walsh Executive Assistant Meet Madeleine
  • Pointer - Rachel Crowley Rachel Crowley Rachel Crowley Consultant and Client Services Meet Rachel
  • Pointer - Stephen Yong Stephen Yong 2 Stephen Yong Consultant Meet Stephen
  • Pointer - Suman Nair Suman Nair 2 Suman Nair Consultant Meet Suman
  • Pointer - Vanessa Lee Vanessa Lee Vanessa Lee Consultant Meet Vanessa

North America Team

  • Pointer - Brian Szepkouski Brian Szepkouski (3) Brian Szepkouski Consultant, North America Meet Brian
  • Pointer - Doug Brockbank Doug Brockbank (3) Doug Brockbank Consultant, North America Meet Doug
  • Pointer - Ian Barnett Ian Barnett (3) Ian Barnett Consultant, North America Meet Ian
  • Pointer - Jeremy Solomons Jeremy Solomons (3) Jeremy Solomons Consultant, North America Meet Jeremy
  • Pointer - Jerry Hogeveen Jerry Hogeveen (3) Jerry Hogeveen Consultant, North America Meet Jerry
  • Pointer - Karen Rylander-Davis Karen Rylander-Davis Karen Rylander-Davis Consultant, North America Meet Karen
  • Pointer - Michele Pepe Michele Pepe (3) Michele Pepe Consultant, North America Meet Michele

Creative and Digital Team

  • Pointer - Ben Willetts BEN-WILLETTS Ben Willetts Head of Digital Meet Ben
  • Pointer - Chris Snape Chris Snape Chris Snape Junior Software Engineer Meet Chris

Client Services Team

  • Pointer - Michelle Wilson michelle Michelle Wilson Head of Client Services Meet Michelle
  • Pointer - Rose Huxley Rose Rose Huxley Project Manager Meet Rose
  • Pointer - Sarah Moss Sarah Moss 2 website Sarah Moss Project Coordinator Meet Sarah
  • Pointer - Tamsin Hyde Tamsin Tamsin Hyde Senior Project Manager Meet Tamsin

Finance Team

  • Pointer - David Boardman Boardman David Boardman Financial Controller Meet David
  • Pointer - Sam Henshaw P1020101 Sam Henshaw Assistant Accountant Meet Sam