Building a more agile, customer driven business

Today’s leaders face multiple, unprecedented complex challenges. Trust has eroded, digital has exploded. Markets are volatile. The future is uncertain. Successful leadership in today’s complex and volatile environment is about being connected.

Connected Leadership is a new style of leadership, creating organisations that are more agile, collaborative, customer centred and better able to respond to change. It marks a pronounced shift from hierarchical command and control to leading through influence and engagement, relying on effective communication and connection across the organisation based on a consistent set of assumptions and beliefs. Connected Leadership is based on five key principles.


This unique framework is based on extensive experience and research into leadership in large organisations aiming to become more agile and customer-centric. We use it to form the basis of our leadership development programmes to successfully ensure leaders:

  • Have a clear sense of what the organisation is trying to achieve and why it is important. They can engage people in this to create a shared sense of purpose, inspiring others to achieve great things
  • Act in an ethical way and with integrity. They build strong relationships that are based on trust and respect, inspiring strong commitment in return
  • Share power across the organisation so that appropriate decisions are made closer to the customer. They coach their people as great decision makers in line with the overall strategy and purpose of the organisation
  • Build high performing teams. They promote a climate where people cooperate with each other to achieve better results and maximise the shared will to succeed
  • Have a learning mind-set and develop others to adapt to changing circumstances. They create a climate where others feel safe and encouraged to experiment and learn to drive innovation.

“Cirrus has helped us to build more connected leadership across our organisation by developing the capability of leaders in line with the values and attributes at the heart of the M&S brand. Forming these meaningful connections has galvanised leaders to lead change and has also resulted in increased productivity and cost savings.”
Tanith Dodge, Director of HR, Marks & Spencer

“The leadership development from Cirrus has had a lasting impact. Everyone’s aligned to and excited by our core purpose, increasing the momentum of deliverables. A major benefit is the way leaders from each group have bonded and stayed in touch to improve collaborative working and communication across the business.” 
Dave Dyson, CEO, Three UK