Leadership that transforms organisations

We develop leadership capability at all levels within large organisations. We enable your leaders to develop new skills and behaviours, and devolve power. This helps you transform your culture and create a more agile, customer focused and higher-performing organisation.

Our programmes combine thought leadership and extensive research with our powerful and challenging learning approach. Cirrus Connected Leadership underpins our leadership development and our programmes are firmly linked to your business goals. We take a blended approach to learning and development. This ensures we can implement programmes quickly and cost effectively across large scale, geographically diverse leadership populations.

We work with you to interpret your strategic priorities, define your leadership brand and identify the shift in capability needed to underpin sustainable success. We also take a practical approach, helping leaders have difficult conversations, focus on fewer priorities, and step up to challenging roles. Our areas of development include:

  • Values-based leadership
  • Innovation and leading change
  • Digital leadership
  • Creating a high performance organisation.

Our impact assurance ensures that learning from the programme is embedded in your workplace. Through a combination of coaching, online support and rigorous evaluation, we ensure that goals such as cultural change or performance improvements are achieved.

“The programme exceeded its target, modernised the organisation and created significant cultural change. Cirrus has successfully helped us to introduce creative ideas and innovative solutions.” NNL

“Cirrus has helped us develop our thinking on how to grow our leaders. They have helped us develop our model of connected leadership that will ensure we are focusing on leading appropriately for the next decade.” Pentland Brands

“Our CEO says we have started a revolution. We’re changing people’s perceptions. Leaders are seeing possibilities beyond what they have ever seen before. The disruptive nature of the programme has created a tsunami of emotion. It’s quite contagious.” Telstra

“Everyone’s aligned to and excited by our core purpose, increasing the momentum of deliverables. Leaders have bonded to improve collaborative working and communication across the business.” Three