Sally-Anne Cotton from Cirrus

Meet Sally-Anne Cotton

Sally-Anne is a lead consultant in our Asia-Pacific team.  She is passionate about partnering with leaders and their teams to build aligned, values-driven, high-performing organisations.  

In a consultancy career spanning 20 years, Sally-Anne has helped leaders to take their organisations on transformation journeys by mapping their culture, identifying limiters, and developing internal capability and expertise to lead the desired change.

“No matter how sound your strategy and plans are, it’s impossible to deliver successful and sustainable business outcomes if culture and leaders are not aligned,” she says. “Leadership drives culture, culture drives performance, and performance drives profitability. There is a body of research to demonstrate that up to 70% of change efforts fail. Successful transformation occurs through building accountability, mindset and behavioural change across the whole organisation.”

Sally-Anne observes that the early assertions of leading management thinkers such as Senge, Kotter and Drucker that culture impacts and drives numbers are now more widely accepted. “A healthy culture glues teams and organisations together, lifting engagement, discretionary effort and performance. A toxic culture is corrosive. The ability to accurately map and align culture delivers real competitive advantage.”

Sally-Anne is also a highly experienced and qualified coach and is increasingly involved in our wide-ranging Connected Coaching programmes, which create an impact across entire organisations. Clients describe her as a ‘compassionate coach’ and ‘fearless facilitator’, whose work is innovative, people-centred and outcome-focused. “One of my favourite quotes is Gandhi’s ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, she says. “It is still relevant today for leaders who want to transform their organisations.”

Sally-Anne has always found it rewarding to help people rekindle their passion for what they do and lead themselves, their people and their organisations with courage, compassion and creativity. “We live in uncertain times and leaders face complex and ever-changing challenges,” she says. “However, through becoming more authentic and values-driven, leaders can take their organisation’s performance to the next level. I enjoy watching healthier, higher performing cultures emerge and seeing people able to bring more of themselves to work.”

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