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Top tips for more connected coaching

In our last post, we talked about the power of Connected Coaching to create behavioural and cultural change across your entire organisation. Here, Alison Tickner from Cirrus offers ten top tips for introducing a more connected approach for sustainable success.

1. Create a coaching strategy that focuses on the leadership capability and behaviours your organisation needs to develop and encourage in order to achieve your goals.

2. Be very clear about what your shared strategic goals and challenges are. Prioritise ruthlessly so everyone is very clear about exactly what both they and the organisation need to achieve.

3. Link individual coaching goals to these shared business goals and challenges.

4. Consider how you can make coaching more of a business-wide intervention by creating coaching cohorts across your organisation.

5. Set a timeframe. By concentrating your coaching effort on a fixed period such as 100 days, you can create an intense focus and concentrate effort on creating change.

6. Encourage coaches to ‘connect’ with coachees first to ensure there is a shared understanding of coaching goals as well as a good personal fit.

7. Connect your coaches. Ensure that you have a programme of sharing insight and supervision in place to ensure a consistent, high quality approach.

8. Collate qualitative and quantitative feedback from both coaches and coachees. This can help to highlight any insights and trends that arise during the coaching journey.

9. Measure success. Track take-up and completion rates and use tools to evaluate behavioural change across individuals and cohorts.

10. Use a suitable online platform to connect all of this together, and to make the coaching experience a smooth one for coachees and coaches alike.

Using these tips will help you to build a scalable, connected coaching solution which you can roll out across your entire organisation to achieve strategic shifts in capability.

At Cirrus, we can help you put all of the above factors in place to ensure that your coaching programmes lead to real and lasting benefits. If you’d like to know more, we’d love to talk to you. Please get in touch any time.

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